After Five (1997)

 The 1997 CD release of After Five was the initial recordings that have made singles like Nite Beat and We’ve Got Time to be regular songs performed at live shows.  It also coined the production name for the company. Available for sale only through NiteBeat Productions.  Contact us directly at (214)906-1059.  Songlist:   In Good Company […]

I Will Wait For You (1996)

I Will Wait For You worked its way up the charts and sprung a whole new listening audience for Joseph.  Friendly Advice (which you can hear by clicking the icon) added a lot of steam to his career. This CD is available digitally and in CD Form.  You can purchase it by calling us @ 214-906-1059 for […]

Videos, Articles, & Residencies

 JosephVincelli Music Workshops & Assemblies Article Links:   Hockaday School Article  (Park Cities People,  Dec./2011)  Vincelli said the joy he finds in performing, and the ease with which he plays flute and saxophone, are the rewards for his hard work.  “Playing music has not always been easy,” he said.  “I have given up fun things to practice.” […]

The Art of Tone, Understanding Our Love For Music, Joseph Vincelli (2003)

  For purchase, contact us directly @ 214-906-1059.  Recommendation letter (click here), John Thomson, Chair, School of Music, Wichita State University (2003) Art of Tone Testimonials (click here) Book Excerpt  (Below is the first 3 pages of text from the book): Music is like breathing; we take it for granted. Only when our breathing is noticeably difficult does it come to […]

The Time Has Come (1994)

Joseph’s maiden voyage!; The Time Has Come was his first of 14 CD releases.  Songlist includes: If It’s to Change  (click this link to hear the selection), Shar-Pei Shuffle, The Time Has Come, Come As You Are, The Field Never Ends, Sunday Afternoon, April In Cambria, Don’t Go Out At Night, & Street Party. Available for sale only through […]

Other Artists’ CDs where Joseph appears

  Pianist, Danny Wright’s Healer of Hearts (2003)     Crispin, Cobblestone (2006)       Pianist, Danny Wright’s Do You Live Do You Love (2002)          Pieces of a Dream’s No Assembly Required (2004)        Smooth Jazz Guitarist, James Gabriano’s Acoustically Speaking (2001)  

Stop Six, White Sands version, Portraits DVD (2004)

Stop Six, White Sands version, (Portraits DVD, 2004 & This Life CD, 2001). This is the original video version of  the hit contemporary jazz single, “STOP SIX”…. a great addition to your collection of Joseph Vincelli songs.   You can purchase the song or the digital CD, by clicking the CD icon or go to to buy the video. […]

Other Videos Where Joseph Appears

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Dallas, Texas Medicine Concert (CD and CBS affiliated video package) featuring Ruben Studdard and Shake Anderson:

Joseph Vincelli – Saxophonist, Flutist, Author, Clinician

Contemporary Jazz at its best!!

Enjoy the White Sands version of the hit single, “Stop Six”. Click the video to view…


Photos of Joseph performing music assemblies with the Dallas Mavericks Head Coach and pianist, Rick Carlisle.