Music Workshop Credentials

Recommendations, Videos, Photos & Credentials:    After Berklee College of Music, JosephVincelli started his career by teaching at several different schools, which included creating a curriculum for a preparatory school before leaving the position to go perform as a studio musician in Hollywood, CA. Over the years Joseph has performed many workshops and music clinics, but recently has […]

Reflections, Portraits DVD (2004)

Reflections- Originally recorded on THIS LIFE CD, Reflections is a multi-media video found on the DVD (2004).  The photo images and quotes represented here are excerpts from Joseph’s book, The Art of Tone, Understanding Our Love For Music.  To order the digital CD, click the CD icon or for the DVD, go to  You can always purchase any […]

The Invitation, Portraits DVD (2004)

The Invitation- Before the 2011 CD was released, a live version of the single was added as a bonus track to the 2004 DVD release.  This version is different than the 2011 CD release adding a different sexiness to it.  BUY NOW!! and order the entire CD with the featured titled track, The Invitation (2011) OR you can find this […]

All of these videos are available on the 2004 DVD release, Portraits of Joseph Vincelli

    This video is a compilation DVD with over 90 minutes of videos featuring Joseph’s original contemporary jazz, as well as eclectic acoustic jazz. Click the DVD icon to purchase or call NiteBeat Productions @ (214)906-1059     Songlist (To view any of the highlighted videos, just click the song below): Arrival    Always Ready Sweet Persuasion Hills […]

Music Workshop Descriptions

Music Workshop Descriptions:  In general, the workshops range from 40 – 50 minutes, sometimes less for the younger grades.  However, Joseph has performed some classes for 90 minutes.  He will adhere to the teachers’ needs or requests and extend classes where it’s needed. Kindergarten – 4th Grade:  When presenting to the youngest of elementary students, Joseph has requested to set the stage as […]

The GAMES Method

In Education   – Connecting the Arts to Science and Math       Playful Application                                                                                      […]

Arrival, Portraits of Joseph Vincelli, DVD (2004)

Arrival- While written on a plane when touring, this song was titled after its initial inception on the plane…a Vincelli listener favorite, “Arrival” keeps you up and dancing.  Here is the live version for you to see on the DVD Portraits (2004). Also available digitally in CD format on, This Life (2001) and (the live […]

The Invitation (2011)

CLICK THE HIGHLIGHTED SONGS!! to listen to the hit title track, The Invitation, from Joseph’s newest CD release, his first studio CD album in years.  Brand new contemporary jazz songs collaborated with pianist, Joel McCray.  A combination of some very funky tunes and some sweet ballads. YOU WILL WANT TO ADD THIS ONE TO YOUR COLLECTION!!!  The Title track climbed […]

Cocktail Mix (2009)

This live CD is punchy and features a killer band with Joseph on sax and flute, backed up by pianist, Tyrone Smith, bassist, Rick Rigsby, and drummer, Danielle “Pocket” Brown.  The Cocktail Mix songlist includes Joseph’s originals, We’ve Got Time & NiteBeat.  Additionally are the cocktail cover favorites, Sunny  (click the link to hear this selection), Mo’ Better Blues, Killing Me Softly, and That’s The […]

Wine of the Cellos, Portraits DVD (2004)

Wine of the Cellos- One of the featured videos performed at The Palace Theatre in Grapevine, TX.  The DVD has over 90 minutes of videos featuring Joseph’s original contemporary jazz, as well as eclectic acoustic jazz.    Available for sale by clicking the icon or through NiteBeat Productions.  Contact us directly at (214)906-1059.