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Photos & Credentials:    After Berklee College of Music, JosephVincelli started his career by teaching at several different schools, which included creating a curriculum for a preparatory school before leaving the position to go perform as a studio musician in Hollywood, CA.

Over the years Joseph has performed many workshops and music clinics, but recently has accelerated his effort to share his experience as a touring professional with students.  As fine arts’ budgets continue to diminish, schools are placing less significance on its purpose in society.  Therefore, he sees the need for the professionals to step up to the plate and expose students to more than what they are currently learning. 

In addition, Joseph feels that digital technology is so advanced in our current world that, unless students are exposed to the creation of sound media through instruments, they will have difficulty in understanding from where musical sound originates.  For this reason, there is a real need for experienced musicians, like himself, to spend more time musically with young people .  Therefore, he is making a conscious effort to incorporate visits to schools at all levels by adding it to his tour schedule.

Joseph has also written a profound book on music’s importance in our lives entitled,The Art of Tone, Understanding Our Love For Music“.  Many of his philosophies in his teachings stem from his understanding and research he did during the book’s 15 year project timeline.  (You will find some testimonials here on the back of the book.  Art of Tone Book Cover)

Letters Of Recommendation:

“Vincelli ignites passion and sparks interest

in students (when he teachs and performs)”.

                         – Lisa Richardson


Letter of Recommendation – Dallas Mavericks Head Coach

Letter of Recommendation – Salina, Kansas Arts & Humanities Commission

Seminar & Assembly Photos:

Joseph Vincelli & Dallas Mavericks Coach, Rick Carlisle, performing a general assembly

Joseph Vincelli explaining the importance of music and self-expression to students.

Article Links:   Hockaday School Article (Park Cities People,  Dec./2011)     Vincelli said the joy he finds in performing, and the ease with which he plays flute and saxophone, are the rewards for his hard work.  “Playing music has not always been easy,” he said.  “I have given up fun things to practice.”

Dallas Morning News Article (Dallas Morning News,  Nov./2011)    “Vincelli conducts workshops (like this one) across the country…”

Participating Schools & Residencies:    List of Music Workshops & Residencies

Video Links:

Professional Jazz Musician, Joseph Vincelli, spent 2 days doing workshops in Salina, KS with the 4 Jazz bands from the USD 305 School District. The culmination of this visit was a performance at The Stiefel Theatre with The Lakewood Middle School and Central H.S. Jazz Bands. This is Lakewood band, with Vincelli, performing, “Summertime.” Featured soloists, in addition to Vincelli, are Jack Weiner, Jack Shetlar, and Ben Koenig.

Joseph Vincelli performing with the The Lakewood Central High School Jazz Band at the Smoky Hill River Festival (on Thursday, the festival’s day to feature local talent)